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About us

What is an Escape Game?

You and your group of friends, colleagues or family are voluntarily locked up in one of our specially designed rooms. You must escape within a set time of 60 minutes; you must work together to solve a series of puzzles, riddles and challenges to escape our Escape Room!

The goal can vary from finding hidden objects to unraveling a mystery, depending on the theme of our rooms.

No physical effort is involved.

Will you and your team succeed in bringing this to a successful conclusion?

Maybe your photo will show up somewhere on our Facebook wall with the escapees... Do you dare?


We’re a team of enthusiastic, young but experienced entrepreneurs who found that this type of attraction was missing in Flanders cities. And thus in 2015 a dream became a plan and soon after a reality. Each game comes from a unique idea, is thought up and constructed by us. We’ve even made some personalized rooms for companies such as: Google, Fox Belgium, Zomerspel, Lumiere and more! We try to maximize the fun factor for all ages.

We started out in 2015 in Ghent, where we now have 6 games and can have up to 38 people play at the same time, bigger groups are certainly welcome! In 2016 we opened our second Escape Room in Courtrai and now even have 3 rooms there. And of course in 2017 we had to give Aalst some love, so we decided to open our third enterprise.

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